Coltharp Reunion
This web site is a non-commercial, family run effort
to coordinate communication for family activities.
There are so many great photos!  We can post only a few here.  We have plans for scanning and exchanging photos at the reunion.  Please bring your photos to the reunion, in high resolution digital format if possible.  If you have photos you are willing to share, but cannot attend the reunion, please contact David Efros.

If you are a novice working with old photos, or need assistance with scanning or restoration work, you may also contact David for free assistance.
At the border of Henderson and Van Zandt Counties, this cemetery is near the historic Coltharp-Beall homesite. Concord Cemetery

Rick Feathersons Oak Box One of the great finds in recent family history is this oak box.  When found on Janie Featherstonís family property it was packed full of family letters and other historical documents.

This box, copies of it's contents, and the amazing story of how it came back to the family will be shared at the reunion.

The historic Coltharp - Beall house.  Once the home of James Coltharp and Joanna McSpadden Coltharp, see house as it stands today.

We will visit this site and take a family group portrait at this site.  This house is on private property, and the owner is elderly.  We ask that you do not visit without making arrangements.
Coltharp-Beall House today

Coltharp - Beall house Joseph Beall, Jefferson Davis Beall, and Annie Beall at the historic Coltharp - Beall house near Edom, Texas.

This recently restored historic log cabin is on the property of Rick and Janie Featherson in Tyler.  It has been in Janie's family since 1860. Restored cabin

Thomas Frederick Beall Bible Many Beall family descendents are also registered to attend this reunion.  Reba Duncan, one of our Beall cousins submitted this wonderful photo of the Thomas Frederick Beall family Bible.

After catching the recent televised interview with Rick Featherston, Frances Bishop Grochowski contacted him.  She took a series of photos of the historic Coltharp-Beall house some twenty years ago. This was before the demolition of the second story and frame add-ons.  She has given us permission to share her photos, for which we are grateful.  To see more of these photos please contact us at the reunion.  Stairway & Old House
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